Many of us guys strive to become the best versions of ourselves through vigorous exercising and eating healthy, but the benefits of meditation and mindfulness can provide an additional route to complete self-fulfillment.

Get the most out of your workout with complementary meditation and mindfulness practices that will transform the way you live. Here are our top reasons to include these into your life:


1 | Get More Out of Exercise

Men who meditate show signs of less fatigue, less pressure to be a perfectionist, and less stress and anxiety–something affecting many young people today.

Through various forms of meditation, you can achieve a more satisfying workout without the daily worries.


2 | Take Control of Depression

Depression and a sense of sadness can leave men feeling weakened, even leading us off the path to self-fulfillment and mindfulness. Thankfully, meditation can brighten the future for yourself. \

Regular meditation changes the way we look at situations. Instead of assuming the worst in things, meditation allows us to focus on solutions or the positive outcomes that can be attained after resolving something.  


3 | Get to Sleep Faster

According to author Herbert Benson, men who practice meditation for 20 minutes each day will train your body to become relaxed just before bed. Before you resort to pills or sleeping medication (unless you are told specifically by your doctor), try reaching your personal point of total relaxation each night for the perfect rest.  


4 | Have Great Ideas

Meditation in men has shown to expand practitioners’ imaginations, jumpstarting creative juices for problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Imagine being able to work things out without having to fall back on Google or asking for help. Meditation allows you to become more self-reliant.  


5 | Enhanced Illness Immunity

Meditation and mindfulness are proven to reduce the chances of men becoming sick . They push to weaken the effects illnesses may have, including fatigue.

Common sicknesses, like a cold, can be negated through focus and the strength of purposeful thought. Consider working meditation into your schedule to avoid missing the workouts you love!  


6 | Feel Less Alone

Most diseases and disorders are caused by inflammation in the body. Meditation can help reduce the higher levels of inflammation that cause men to feel alone or afraid.

Relaxing and finding peace will allow our bodies to act more strategically in the fight against disorders. When we have more control, so do our immunities. When we feel more attune with ourselves, we become less alone.  


7 | Reduce Pain and Chances of Death

Increase your quality of life through meditation by developing a sense of overwhelming relaxation. For many men, chronic pains can be partially remedied through meditation, and the chance of heart failures have shown to be reduced.

Exercising is half the battle; according to the Journal of Pain, meditating twice per day for 20-minute segments can make you an even healthier individual.  


8 | Learn to Use Compassion

We all learn about virtues as children, but meditation exemplifies what we have already been taught as men  and turns it into something useful in our everyday lives.

Meditation slows us down and gives us opportunities to clearly identify our own needs, as well as the needs of others.  

As a man, do you feel stress, anxiety or doubt in your life? These things can all be dealt with through the regenerative power of mindfulness and meditation. Join Manfulness Living today to see how you can find self-fulfillment in everything you do!

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