Why Just Men?

The conversation around modern-day masculinity and the role of men have intensified more than ever. Men’s roles are changing almost faster than we can keep up with the change.

Sadly, there are many occasions where men have been defeated by their own vulnerabilities and self-inflicted isolation, which often lead to a range of mental health problems or even worse, suicide.

It’s a myth that men do not face obstacles. Even with ever-present privilege, men face their own set of destructive barriers that restrict what it means to be a man and how a man can express himself. This is especially true for men who are also members of marginalized groups.

As the role of men in society continues to change, so too do the dynamics from the workplace to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

As a man, when you grapple with overcoming obstacles, you are faced with challenges that seem insurmountable to deal with. One thing you can do – before calling it quits – is to try and shift your perspective.

It is for these reasons, and more, that we focus specifically on men. To create the space and offer the process and structure to have meaningful and transformative conversations in a confidential and safe space.

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