A goal is something distant that we strive for, but the new year has brought us an opportunity that is much more lasting: a resolution.

Google tells us that a resolution is a firm decision to either do or do not. We all make promises this time of year with the intention of keeping them in order to enrich our own lives; however, these definitive answers sometimes fall by the wayside.

But don’t give up! You always have time to find something new or different to fulfill your New Year’s resolution. A fantastic way to embolden your life and find true fulfillment is mindfulness–a resolution worth keeping.

Why mindfulness? Here are a few reasons to consider:

We All Want to Be Happy
Every goal we set each year has an underlining theme: happiness. Practicing mindfulness can help you reach this joy through improved well-being, less stress, mental and physical health and more potent sleep. This conglomeration of benefits will mold you into a happier, more satisfied self.

Stress is Real, But We Can Beat It
Stress is the biggest buzzkill when it comes to resolutions; the sometimes dull or antagonizing realities of life can drag us away from our desires of fulfillment. Mindfulness improves our awareness of the stressful situations in our lives, and it gives us an arsenal of decision-making skills to properly dismantle them. We can deal with day-to-day complications, and mindfulness is the key.

Perfection is Not a Reality
We are wired for comfort; little things in life should not negatively impact how we live, but perfectionists set themselves up to fail. Many people drop their resolutions based on not being able to shape themselves out of a perfect routine. However, life is not always perfect, so adjusting to imperfections is imperative to reaching fulfillment through mindfulness.

Patience is a Slow Yet Fulfilling Teacher
Earth in 2019 has not seemed to slow down since 2018 retired, but this doesn’t mean we need to catch up with it.
Technology and the way we communicate is now lightning fast, which can force us to bypass the simple pleasures throughout life. Mindfulness grants us the gift of patience. Things are not as hectic, panicky or desperate as they seem. Once we learn to slow down, handling difficulties doesn’t seem so stressful, free time becomes more enjoyable, and relationships can evolve into something fruitful.

Become More Positive
Resolutions tend to be based on not doing something. Past resolutions had us give things up, which changed who we were. In turn, we became negative versions of ourselves. Mindfulness can show you how to be yourself by not letting things go, rather, by becoming much more than you already are. It can adjust your mindset into something positive, opening your eyes to a more vibrant, joyful world.

You Won’t Stop Here
Achieving and practicing mindfulness can be a catalyst to a litany of other resolutions you may want to reach.
Finding yourself and grasping fulfillment will shed a whole new light on completing and maintaining other promises. It is a universal benefit that can help you with everything in life.

Achieve meaningful happiness and mindfulness today!

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