Have You Taken the Time to Be Mindful?

Being aware, opening up and expressing yourself are no longer taboo practices for men and actually have been determined to be very healthy for those that engage in the practices. And more and more men are discovering the benefits of truly practicing mindfulness in their daily lives.

Over thousands of years, both genders defined their roles–women showed to be more tender and caring while men learned hardiness and strength. However, today’s era does not always require a warrior-like demeanor, which gives men the opportunity to settle down and learn more about themselves and the world around.

Here are our top reasons for using mindfulness as a man:

1) Focus Boost

What do the Chicago Bulls, the Lakers, Google, Apple and Yahoo all have in common?

Each one of these companies or teams put mindfulness to work in everything they do! Becoming more aware of what is going on around us can have a positive impact on our focus. Even the military is seeing the beneficial attributes that come along with mindfulness: focus in a fight.

2) Increased Performance

According to the Journal of Occupational Health, a program called Mindfulness at Work saved employees an average of 69 minutes per week in regards to productivity.

Mindfulness teaches men to prioritize what is most important throughout the day and what could be left alone. It transforms distracting and unproductive multitasking into a more concentrated way of thinking, which can improve the way you operate inside and outside of work.

3) Unique Emotional Intelligence

Emotions are what drives the way we feel and make decisions. Close mindedness can block the brain’s natural way of working, and our most important relationships and mental health can be affected.

Mindfulness can allow us to restore those closed gateways to internal thinking, and we can begin to explore our inner selves again.

We can always learn more about ourselves!

4)  Become More Passionate

Love is a two-way street–we need to pay close attention to others as well as ourselves to get the most out of a meaningful relationship. Mindfulness helps to gradually bring down our personal barriers and allows us to become more In-tune to the needs of others.

5) Build Your Confidence

Doing something well makes us feel good about ourselves and our ability to do things in a confident manner. Mindfulness increases the benefits that come with being aware.

Focus, performance, awareness–these can all be learned, and the journey to master them starts with confidence.

The best way to really reap the benefits of mindfulness is to practice and practice often. So, do yourself a favor, and learn more about who you are through mindfulness today.

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